“I really love it. You've done a brilliant job and the music is just amazing. It’s the perfect atmosphere for the setting of the story.” 
Producer John Ainsworth on music cues for the latest Big Finish audio drama.




I can compose original music for you...

Film scores, music beds, sound design. Short films, theatre productions, audio dramas, radio ads.
Customers include BBC, ITV, Audi, NBC, Bungie, Showtime, Adult Swim & Amazon Prime. And US feature films, Pickings, Chamber's Gate and Rogue Saints.

So if your project needs to have original music, I can compose something that will be just right for you.  

A unique score that will compliment your creative ideas, enhance your work and reach out to your audience. As for cost, I can work with every type of budget big or small and to very tight lead times & deadlines, too. On time & on budget. That's guarenteed.

So if that is what your project needs, then please get in touch and chat some more about your ideas and what's possible. 
I look forward to hearing from you. 
Simon Power

“Everything is here. Proto-Hardcore & Proto-Jungle, the beginnings of Progressive House, all dissolved into 
sub-aquatic grooves as rich chords wash up & around you.”
 WIRE Magazine on the re-released Marine Boy EP, 2020