480 edited versions of 170 tracks in 10 categories.

Here's an exclusive offer to buy the entire Dream Valley Music catalogue ready to go with a full license to use on any project anywhere in the universe! 

Over 15 gig of music from the Dream Valley studios, composed & produced to extremely high standards specifically for use in creative projects such as films, TV, gaming, radio, corporate and online video sharing. 
170 tracks that will introduce another dimension to your work. Adding new depth to your video/audio/live action projects with professional high quality music beds that are unique, imaginative, beautifully arranged and expertly recorded. 
Tracks include 60 second, 30 second & looping versions with separate underscores & instrumentals.


Categories include Twisted Fairytales, Dance Anthems, Thrills & Adventure, Lost Worlds, Zombies, Vampires & Androids, Future Themes & Dreams, Haunted Melodies & Magical Moments, Retro Beat Generation, Dreamy Folk Tunes, The Exotic East, Romance & Weepy Stuff, Oddball Central.

It's an instant library of eclectic music with something for everybody in a vast range of musical styles. And this offer is only available here on the official Dream Valley Music website. So make your order now and begin enjoying the beautifully strange world of Dream Valley Music.

To order the entire Dream Valley Music catalogue with full royalty free license for worldwide usage & no royalties to pay ever, please contact me here and say, "I want to buy the entire Dream Valley Music Catalogue NOW!" And I will provide all the details.

The catalogue can be uploaded, or mailed on USB.  All deliveries are registered & authorized.

Simon Power