Dream Valley Music produce music for games, films, podcasts, TV shows, radio ads and video sharing sites. Customers include Audi, Braun, Renault, NBC TV, BBC, ITV, Google Play, More 4, Bungie & Showtime. With music appearing on Comedy Central, The Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Hallmark TV, E!TV, Bravo and BBC America. As well as music for hit shows, Escape to the Country (BBC 1), I'm A Celebrity... (ITV Productions), Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter (Adult Swim), the Emmy nominated series, Conversations in LA (Amazon Prime), the comedy feature film, How To Kill A Dead Husband (Netflix) and the 2022 PlayStation Player's Choice Winner & 2023 feature film, Five Nights at Freddy's.

                     "Cool work." - Patrick Clair (Emmy Award winning TV and film director. True Detective, Daredevil, The Night Manager)


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New Releases 2024

Paint Me Blue
Smart, funny lyrics give this a magical sense of being more than just a quirky little love song. Perhaps it’s even set in an alternative time & place.
Features Dream Valley Music's popular singer, Daisy.

Robots Have Feelings, Too
A sad, robotic voice line floats above a glorious mix up of music genres, technology & Science Fiction references.
We Can Help You
A fast-paced and breezy backing track filled with optimism for a brighter future ahead.
Return To Nature
Calm & relaxing, with an intriguing, mysterious & other worldly quality.
Hidden Treasures 
A wistful, chilled out Electronica theme with a seductive quality that has a calming effect over time.
An Open Future
A gloriously bold lead line alongside arpeggio guitars and synths. Majestic & enthralling.
Fiesta Grando
A funny & slightly crazy parody, paying homage to the happy sounds of 50s & 60s Latino Mambo & Salsa rhythms.
A bouncy & playful backing track filled with cheeky humour and an irresistibly quirky charm.

The above tracks will soon be available on Spotify as a mini-album: "Robots Have Feelings, Too..."

 True Life Stories - Dramatic Reality Soundscapes

True Life Stories
A cinematic landscape theme. Captivating & beautiful, yet with an air of menace, mystery & intrigue.
Early Days 
A playful & captivating scene setting theme with echoes of hidden depths & secret passions. 
Secrets & Memories
An atmospheric drone sets the scene for a yearning piano line full of a mysterious depth and a mournful intent.
A driving techno rhythm with powerful acid basslines evoking thrilling, dangerous action with an underlying menace & excitement.
Dawn Of A New Life
Cinematic atmospheric washes of light & shade blossom into free form piano lines evoking wide vistas or a homely, folksy environment.
Enjoy Simple Things
An introspective piano gently blossoms like a thought or an idea manifesting into reality.

The Album: 'True Life Stories - Dramatic Reality Soundscapes' is also available on Spotify at Dream Valley Music

A strong, beautiful & heartfelt female vocal soars above waves of stripped down Electronica.
Night of The Dancing Dead
A catchy and haunting melody that's guaranteed to raise a smile, it’s as humorous as it is creepy.
Threat of Danger
An edgy, dark & moody underscore weaves an atmospheric journey through threatening and dangerous territory.
Find Your Freedom
A bright, fresh, uplifting theme that would suit infomercials on nature, ecology, education or medical issues.
Big Little Planet
A positive, uplifting theme offering feelings of security and reassurance to delicate or serious matters.
The Wrong Day
A cheeky and off beat theme that would not be out of place alongside the deadpan humour of a Wes Anderson movie.
Rising To Power
Dramatic, Thrusting, cinematic orchestral piece that builds relentlessly to a huge, rising climactic pinnacle.
A Mystical Love 
A beautifully wistful female voice blends with soaring cellos and distant washes in this ethereal and atmospheric aria based on traditional Irish folk music.
A Most Delightful Affair 
Reminiscent of a small orchestra in a school play, vintage fairytale record or children’s TV program. This jaunty melody is enchanting, magical and fun.
A Somewhat Gruesome Episode 
A haunting melodic theme with an otherworldly feel evoking a shivery, nightmarish fantasy laced with mythical spirits and a wicked sense of humour.

Dreams, Desires and New Dimensions

A Strange Allure
A nursery rhyme-like theme with dark, mysterious overtones that suck you in to a world of mystery & strange, unearthly happenings.
Light Up The Future
A bold, exciting journey of colour, light and sound. Rich, contemporary music with a splash of joyful humour.
A tough, uncompromising, state-of-the-art soundtrack. Stark instrumentation leaves room for narrative, epic sound design or added effects. 
On Dream's Edge
A brooding theme for a dystopian world. Unsettling, yet strangely evocative.
Born Of Machine 
Sleek, synthetic technology meets visceral, organic matter. A bold vision. An adventurous tale of things to come.
Like A Bird 
Soulful female vocal line over heavy drumloops & swooping chords. Vocal repeats the line ‘I could fly, like a bird, in the sky, so high’.
Shiny Things 
A synthetic voice floats above a unique blend of glitchy beats & a cascading waterfall of sounds. Futuristic, operatic and brimming with life.
Funny Little Things 
eccentric, haunting and melodic. Quirky, off beat and darkly comical.
Final Reckoning
A dark, foreboding choir and plaintive harp suddenly explode into a torrent of sound that spirals through distortion.
Set of 10 Horror & Sci Fi Cues
Sci Fi meets Horror meets Dark Fantasy. A deep, disturbing, nightmarish set of 10 cues. Not for the squeamish!
Wistful layered chords float across a wild, panoramic vista.
Filtered drums, scattered instrumentation and an uneasy, thrilling sensation of discovery.
Ascent of Souls  
Divine beauty and an aura of mystery in this futuristic mix of choirs and washes.
Dark Horizons 
A wide, brooding cinematic soundscape featuring spacey pads, a rhythmic topline and deep, distant drum fills.
Demented snatches of sound tumbling over a relentless, incessant rhythm. Dark and nightmarish with a quirky undercurrent.
Circuits of Beauty  
Cutting edge collides with traditional sounds in this glitchy, dreamlike fusion of styles. Quirky, charming & poignant.
Celtic Requiem 
a Gothic aria blending choir and cello to conjure images of deep Religion or ritualistic Pagan gatherings.
The Kindness of Others
A simple music bed for a narrative or voiceover. Evoking feelings of compassion, sympathy, tenderness and charity.
Sacred Aura 
Provocative Eastern tinged cello lines add mystery and intrigue to this brooding, mournful underscore.
Sweeping chords dip & weave through an atmospheric wash of sound.
Eternal Journey 
A brooding bassline fuses with a simmering wash of atmospheric sounds.
Living World 
Sweeping chords that glide among a landscape of natural sounds.
An evolving soundscape with deep, sweeping, abstract chords.
Many layers of growing swells that rise and fall like waves of colourful sounds.
The Deep Dark
An endlessly descending soundscape of dark, distant washes, lost in the echoing reverb of a chasm-like abyss.
Mass Limit
A distant, eerie sound that grows from a low, brooding drone to a climactic scream of controlled distortion.
A tough, uncompromising and dynamic soundtrack with a driving, futuristic feel that would suit epic visuals, movie trailers & films.
Builds to a driving rhythm set against incessant electronic filtered synth lines and layers of dark washes. Kinetic, powerful and modern.
A futuristic, layered wash opens into a wide blaze of colourful sound. 
Black Light
Somewhere between music & sound design, these brooding washes of distant echoes slither and twist with a deep, tormented anguish.

Black Comedy, Fairy Tales and Twisted Disney

Puzzle Play
A magical, playful hook depicting 'work in progress' or concentration on a task.
Happy Ever After
A climactic, feel good hook with a magical, off beat charm. A pastiche of famous 1980's Hollywood composers.
Another Lovely Day 
A witty, bouncy uptempo orchestral overture reminiscent of Ealing comedies, Aardman Animation and Danny Elfman style film scores.
A Midnight Symphony 
An engaging black comedy symphony with dark, eccentric orchestration, a woozy hookline and big brassy ending.
Bright & uplifting, this jaunty caper pays homage to the golden age of comedy film scores with its memorable hooks & bouncy, frolicking orchestration.
Onward Advance
An action theme that thrusts forward at a cantering rate, building to a climax that's ready for victory.
Celtic Kingdom 
Cello, choirs & resounding drums create a regal, thrusting Game of Thrones type theme.
Busy, Busy 
This fast paced, bouncy, vintage sounding comedy track is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face.
Another Happy Day 
Happy, carefree and a tiny bit mad. This bouncy uptempo orchestral overture is suitable for cartoons, animations, games and commercials.
The Secret Path 
Pizzicato cellos tip toe through a veil of shimmering strings and mystical, elfin-like flute lines in this engaging mid tempo orchestral interlude.
Carnaval De Paris 
Full of 'Joie de vivre' this accordion and mandolin led piece is a bright, filmic, retro sounding waltzer.
One Sunny Day 
With a bright & jaunty skip in the step, this mischievous romp pays homage to the golden age of Ealing comedy film scores.
Dance Of The Cherubs 
Burlesque, boisterous and gloriously chubby.
Skippy Dippy Day 
A jaunty, frolicking orchestral overture paying homage to the golden age of comedy film & TV music.
On Reflection 
A melodic operatic soprano that swoops and glides over reflective orchestration in this enlightening & heart felt aria.
Mountain Lake 
Lyrical recorder & mournful cello in this Clannad and Enya-like piece. A soft Celtic theme before a change of pace into a jolly dance.
Angels In Flight 
Rising adagio strings accompany a dipping and gliding woodwind line evoking a sense of wide open space and grandeur.
The Cairn Stones 
A soaring, cello led leit motiv with a plaintive Celtic feel.
Hotel Tango 
This amusing & magical orchestral piece features lively pizzicato cellos a marching Mariachi trumpet line and creeping, mischievous cellos.
Journey's End 
A poignant choir floats above a triumphant but wistful cinematic melancholy. Heavenly, angelic and enchanting.
Another Lovely Christmas Day
This festive version of DVM’s magical track comes complete with sleigh bells & reindeer hooves.

Dance Themes, Catchy Hooks and Banging Beats

Keep Movin' On 
A sweaty, energetic vocal dance track with high energy house rhythms, bass & drums.
Positive, driving rhythm & bass with a euphoric guitar hook. A modern, atmospheric dance track for energetic imagery and presentations.
Taste It 
This quirky dance groove would suit modern technology themes, games, ads or an upfront TV show. Slick, futuristic and jazzy.
Scream & Shout (oh yeah) 
A blistering vocal track with a strong sentiment about a woman taking everything she wants at whatever cost. Uncompromising, fun and dirty!
Like A Bird 
Soulful female vocal line over heavy drumloops & swooping chords. Vocal repeats the line ‘I could fly, like a bird, in the sky, so high’.
Here It Comes 
Funk rhythms pound away under a huge brass riff. A bombastic anthem to announce a big event.
Get This 
A simple, catchy hook over a sizzling dance beat. A perfect bed for radio and TV ads. Contemporary, quirky, uplifting and witty.
Love Storm
A catchy vocal hook over a glamorous dance rock anthem with pulsing synths & explosive drums.
A blossoming slice of Electronica that unfolds into a mass of floating colours. 
A Girl Like Me 
A dance/ pop anthem with a rich soulful vocal and relentless, muscly drums & bass.
Talk To You  
Young, bright female vocalist with a catchy original song about communicating with someone they love.
Follow Me  
Young, bright female vocalist with a catchy original song. As featured in Five Nights at Freddy's PlayStation game.
Free Ride 
Building from a deep, visceral bassline & solid driving rhythm into a kalidascope of colourful swooping layers.
Free Ride Sunset 
This drifting, fluttering bed of sound flows like a warm, atmospheric wash and will mix seamlessly with the track ‘Free Ride’.
Blingo Blango 
A zany, upbeat comedy theme with a catchy hook, crazy drums and a bombastic brass riff.
Gimme A Man 
A gritty female vocal over dirty guitar riffs and pounding drum breaks. Uncompromising, filthy and lots of fun.
A barking mad, wacky workout for furry friends. All proceeds go to a local dog kennels charity.


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