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Dream Valley Music produce music for games, short films, TV shows, radio ads and video sharing sites. Customers include Audi, BBC, ITV, Google, More 4, Bungie & Showtime.



Dream Valley Music for films, TV, radio & more from Simon Power on Vimeo.


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Here's a list of all the tracks available. Just click on the link to preview, download or license the music. Keep scrolling for lots more tracks.


Black comedy & dark magic: Energetic, witty and a tiny bit absurd
 Skippy Dippy Day   Another Lovely Day  Another Happy Day  The Secret Path
 Celtic Kingdom  Another Working Day  A Very Special Day  Hotel Tango
 Funny Little Things  Carnaval De Paris  A Midnight Symphony   A Most Uncommon Affair
 An Unfortunate Incident  The Magic Flute  Showtime  A Perfect Accompaniment 
 One Sunny Day  Dance Of The Cherubs

Vocal Dance Tracks: Dance anthems & dreamy folk tunes

 Scream & Shout (oh yeah)  A Girl Like Me  Keep Movin' On (Zumba Mix)   Like A Bird (High Flying Remix) 
 Roll The Dice  Follow Me 
(as featured on the Master Chief video)
 Talk To You   Gimme A Man


"Dream Valley Music is the best stock music ever!"
Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants is a Dream Valley Music fan.


Future Dreams & Schemes 
 Future music for the media generation

 (from the Audi A4 Quattro ad)

 Lucky Boy 
 Tormentia  Sunrise
 Get This  Compulsion
 Kaleidoscope  Arrival
 Voyager  A Girl Like Me
 Eternal Journey  Free Ride
 Living World   Breakthrough
 Expand  My Brilliant Life
 Future Solutions  Keep Movin' On (Zumba Mix)
 An Organic Future  Roll The Dice
 Under A Big Sky  Circuits of Beauty  
 Dreams of Peace  Ascent of Souls  
 Expand  Grace & Harmony  
 Irresistible Force  Three Little Wishes
 Follow Me  Sky Dreams 
 Talk To You  An Amazing Future
 Fractured Light  Neuroscape  
 Quest  Metallic Wasteland
 A Balenced Life  Speed Of Night
 Freescape  Dark Horizons 
 Like A Bird  The Hands Of Time
 A Very Special Day  Listen Up
 Blingo Blango  Inner City Jungle 
 A Bright Future  The Wonder Of Science 
 Star Children  Born Of Machine
 Dubweed  Shiny Things
Haunting melodies & magical moments 
Thrilling, chilling, bewitched & enchanting 
 Skippy Dippy Day   Celtic Requiem
 Another Happy Day   Hotel Tango
 Funny Little Things  Dance Of The Cherubs
 A Gentle Moment   Enchanted Fantasy
 Song Without Words  Mountain Lake
 Circuits of Beauty  A Perfect Accompaniment
 Run For Your Life   A Most Uncommon Affair
 Grace & Harmony    Dark Horizons 
 A Midnight Symphony  Angels In Flight
 An Unfortunate Incident  Cairo Jewel
 The Secret Path  The Cairn Stones
 On Reflection    The Magic Flute
 Enchanted Treasure  Defender Of Time
 Another Lovely Day  Majestic Silence
 Another Working Day    The Phantom Mirage
 The Hands Of Time  The Sands Of Time
 Legend Of The Sword  Rouge Et Noir
   Journey's End


"Your song 'A Girl Like Me' is amazing!

Multi million selling US novelist Holly Ward and her readers are Dream Valley Music fans.


"This music is exactly what we wanted. I LOVE working with you!"

Stephanie Stender co-produces the Emmy Award winning America's Test Kitchen on PBS.


 Fairytales, mystery & intrigue

Twisted Disney with a touch of the macabre 

 Skippy Dippy Day   The Hands Of Time
 Little Horror   Legend Of The Sword 
 Celtic Kingdom  Celtic Requiem
 Another Happy Day  Hotel Tango 
 A Very Special Day  Dance Of The Cherubs
 Creeping Darkness    Enchanted Fantasy
 A Gentle Moment   Mountain Lake
 Run For Your Life  A Perfect Accompaniment
 Funny Little Things  A Most Uncommon Affair
 Circuits of Beauty    Dark Horizons
 Showtime   Angels In Flight
 One Sunny Day    Cairo Jewel
 Grace & Harmony   The Cairn Stones
 Song Without Words  The Magic Flute
 Midnight Symphony  Defender Of Time
 An Unfortunate Incident  Majestic Silence
 The Secret Path  The Phantom Mirage
 On Reflection   The Sands Of Time 
 Enchanted Treasure  Rouge Et Noir
 Another Lovely Day  Journey's End 
 Another Working Day   Time To Scoot
 Lost worlds, zombies, vampires & androids
Gaming themes to inspire & connect 
 Tormentia  Circuits of Beauty  
 Little Horror   Grace & Harmony
 Darkness to Light  Dead Man's Island
 Drop It  Metallic Wasteland
 Eternal Journey  Neuroscape 
 Star Children  Speed Of Night
 Squeezer  Dark Horizons
 Dubweed  Celtic Requiem
 Lucky Boy  The Forgotten Ones
 Sunrise  The Sands Of Time
 Compulsion  The Hands Of Time
 Breakthrough   In The Woods
 Battlezone  Infector
 Funny Little Things  Fragments 
 Free Ride  Insect Planet
 Free Ride Sunset  Sands Of Fortuna
 Ascent of Souls   Riot Zone Assault 


"These tracks are great and very versatile."

Joe Bennet is Head of Music at the Boston Conservatoire, Boston MA.


 The Retro Beat Generation
Funky Lounge, skank beats & space age grooves 
 Here It Comes  Cresta Fiesta
 Cheeky Monkey  Lets Do It!
 Swing Da House  Dubweed
 Busy, Busy  Carnival de Paris
 Blingo Blango  Taste It
 Listen Up  
The Exotic East 
From Bollywood to Bhangra Beat 
 Sacred Aura  Indian Celebration
 Road To Bombay  In Golden Light
 Land of Secrets  Festival Colours
 Under a Big Sky  Bollywood Seduction
 Irresistible Force  Dreams of Peace  


"You have a real Danny Elfman thing going on!"

The 'Chronicles of Rick Roll' feature film producers like Dream Valley Music, too.


Thrills & Adventures 
Heroes & villains in battles & chases 
 Narrow Escape  Relentless Conflict 
 Celtic Kingdom  Crusade 
 The Tempest  Dangerous Chase
 An Exciting Adventure

Reflections 5 track EP

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